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Catch Fish Or Die Trying is more than just lifestyle and confidence. It’s a term that Joseph and Andrew have built their lives around as a lasting mentality. For us, it’s about catching fish. That’s just our vehicle of choice. For others, it could be art, music, football, you name it, it’s their vehicle. Some people just don’t realize it, yet. Others, like us, were dropped into these areas in life that most would rather not be, and one where most would not ever escape. We found our vehicle, though. We drove fast to get where we are now.

This is where Catch Fish Or Die Trying comes into play for us. We’ve got plenty of misfortune and tragedy that we’ve experienced throughout life; with drugs, violence, deaths, and more. It’s not an area any kid should ever be subject to. It hits home at all different ages. Other kids that never “made it out” tend to drag new blood into it, because, let’s be honest, at some point, there’s a business here. Not all business is good business. You know that. We do, too.

Our Mission

With Catch Fish Or Die Trying, our mission is to enable youth and their peers to realize their full potential. Our mission statement is a commitment to our future, as one community.

Delivering on our commitment, we’ll strive to create exciting lifestyle products, videos, and leadership, so that our vehicle is accessible to everyone, of all ages and abilities. CFODT is a captivating force in the fishing industry, and our reach will continue to affect more in a positive light.

Our Vision

A percentage of our profits will go to various organizations that provide outlets for troubled youth. We will also set up to spend time with these organizations, so that we can make a hands-on impact with some of the kids that we’ll see.

We know we’re a small fish in a big pond, but like anything, any type of forward motion is still progress. Shop online, or visit a shop that carries our products to help support our cause and bring empowerment to our future, one youth at a time.

Our talents and experiences are diverse, but with CFODT we’re united by one thing: an over arching passion for empowering our youth.

Our #1 Goal is to secure at least one path where kids that come into it don’t have to worry about ever getting caught up in the wrong situation, as long as they focus and continue to push. There are many organizations out there that help with troubled teens, and it’s our goal to make sure we do what we can to help them realize these outlets are out there.



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Joseph Harrick and Andrew Cameron are good people, just like you. Just a little weirder.

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