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We're grateful that you've come here.

We look forward to working with like-minded people. When you join the CFODT Dealer Program, you'll have all you need and more at your fingertips to become a part of our movement. If you've read about us, you'll know that we're in this to help our future reach their full potential.

We've got a few different tiers in our CFODT Dealer Program, and we did it this way so that we could accommodate as many potential dealers, as possible in order to reach our goals over the next few years. Whether you're a Brick & Mortar location or an Online Store, you'll be able to stock CFODT SWAG with some healthy margins for you.

Email Andrew and he'll get you all you need to know about our CFODT Dealer Program, so that you can calculate your plan with us. With a few added perks, it's sort of a no brainer. You'll get some new foot traffic through your doors, as well as make an impact for our mission.

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