Well, what can we say? How about THANK YOU!

We really appreciate all support. We’ve made it through for three different categories, so far!

Angler Of The Year: Joseph Harrick
Video Of The Year: Catch Fish Or Die Trying // Season 1, Episode 2: Urban Angling
Blog Of The Year: Catch Fish Or Die Trying Blog

It’s because of our fans that we’ve made it this far! Thank you for all the love and support! We truly appreciate it all!

There’s still time to vote for Round 2. Voting closes Sunday, so get in there!


Little Bonus: Magazine Of The Year has a nomination that made it to round two called YakAngling Magazine, which was our very own Andrew Cameron’s digital publication he ran for 2 years. The magazine was apparently well liked, because it’s been defunct since December 2015, and it not only got nominated, but made it to round two up against some crazy good competition! Wonder if the Ghost Publication will make it to round three?


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